Tux, the Linux penguin

Model B is interesting if you need a cheap PC that is able to run Linux (Debian GNU/Linux, Raspbian OS, Fedora, Arch Linux ARM, RISC OS, FreeBSD, Plan 9). When Model B will be upgraded to 1 GB RAM, we will have one of the most competitive computers for standard office tasks… ASFEE6HEF2PT

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A couple of weeks ago I heard about a new(ish) computer that could possibly revolutionise the world of IT.


Although we are pretty power hungry beings – waiting for the next version of the iPad (with Retina display obviously) – there are some applications that don’t need this amount of computing power. And this is where the Raspberry Pi steps in. The basic ‘A’ model costs £16 (yes, sixteen pounds!) and is the size of a credit card. Theres no milled aluminium case here (or beige box for that matter).

The computer is as basic as it gets (there is an upgraded model for around £30.)

You need a keyboard, mouse and screen, but otherwise you can run this little machine from a basic plastic mount box.

You can read about the technical specifications here, but I can’t help but think that this is a huge leap forward. We…

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