Ubuntu 7.04: a complete Linux on a USB PenDrive

Ubuntu 6.10 on a USB PenDriveToday, in our Linux Page, we want talk again about bootable Linux on pendrives. This time we discovered that the guys from http://pendrivelinux.com/ released a new USB portable Linux: Ubuntu 6.10. We tried to use Ubuntu 7.04 instead 6.10 and… it works (in our test: Windows installation on 1GB pendrive)! As for Knoppix 5.1.0 (see our post on January 26, 2007) also this portable version of Ubuntu 7.04 is easy to be installed on a USB key and it’s full of interesting features. For the installation you have to carefully follow the instruction contained on the specific pendrivelinux pages (more instruction also available for installation using Linux). Please don’t be worried after the first reading because all the necessary steps are well explained and if you follow them it’s really not possible to make mistakes! Enjoy it! AddThis

5 thoughts on “Ubuntu 7.04: a complete Linux on a USB PenDrive

  1. Daevid Vincent

    Of note:

    Pendrive “do not” have a tutorial for 7.04. Ubuntu. the tutorial follows the guidelines of Ubuntu 6.10.In 7.04 persistent feature is broken and you cannot save back to the stick.

    Persistent mode needs UnionFS to work, and UnionFS is not compatible with the 2.6.20 kernel, which 7.04 uses. IOW, you did everything right except check for known bugs. This is bug #84591.


  2. Tico!

    Anyone has any news on when the 7.04 will become persistent. I am waiting for that to throw Vista to the recycle bin!



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