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Wired.com and Red Herring: two interesting sites about the IT world (18 June 2007) N4

Surfing the web I found some new interesting sites where IT tips and news are well reported and discussed. The first site is Wired (in English), where general topics and specific articles are well written and always updated. The ideas, discussed in Wired, are very actual and interesting; on this site it is possible to have a clear ideas about IT world evolution and the new trends emerging in Internet. For people who desired to be informed about Internet financial topics I suggest Red Herring where it’s always possible to read very updated news about IT acquisitions, shares and investments.



Punto informatico: an Italian free newspaper about the technology world (29 oct 2006) N3

Punto informatico is a very interesting Italian on line magazine where you can find useful news and hi-tech trends . The magazine is updated daily and contains articles and free comments about software, mobiles and the last European hi-tech news. The site, unfortunately, is in Italian but with the help of a good (sob) web-translator you could read exactly the news you are looking for. The site contains also an huge PI Download section where it is possible to read comments about freewares and download them.



News (in English) from the hi tech world (19 sept. 2006) N2

At the end I have found a good source of news to be always well informed in the hi-tech world.


is a daily journal can provide us many information new technologies and trends.

In the site you won’t find many news about freewares but the news contained could be very useful for a better comprehension of the web and pc world.



Hi Tech Magazine – N1

I found this useful web magazine some months ago:


The only problem is the Italian language… but I was able to find many interesting tip there. Someone could suggest me any good online computer magazines in English, Spanish or Italian?

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