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Big Data Protection for Dummies by http://bit.ly/2s6dLUH

Google, Facebook – wherever the cookies are, they know what you’re doing. Two Germans are offering some solutions to keep your browsing private. Shop on Amazon and then later, you will see ads for the same, recommended products as you sign into Facebook.

from http://bit.ly/2s6dLUH

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Your smart TV’s privacy policy explained by https://is.gd/csR4Pe

Let’s be honest here — most of us don’t read the privacy policies for smart televisions. And even if we try to, it’s often difficult to read them, particularly on a television screen. Some televisions even display the massive policies five lines at a time.

from https://is.gd/csR4Pe

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The hackers in your yogurt by http://bit.ly/2neYlrH

To read the news these days is to receive frequent reminders about how easily our technology can be turned against us. We know the CIA can spy on us through our smart TVs and that criminals can infiltrate millions of personal computers, wireless routers, and other smart devices.

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Faking Your Death Online Is a Lot Harder Than It Used to Be by Roisin Kiberd via vice_motherboard_logo

“…But pseudocides are rarer in recent times. “Vanishing” oneself is more difficult; the world is simply too small a place now, connected as it is by social media and the surveillance it entails….”

“…Let’s say you are hiding in Japan, and a tourist takes a photo where you’re in the background,” he told me. “The photo is uploaded to social media and a week later, a cop uploads your photo into a facial recognition site like TinEye [a reverse-image search engine]. Boom—you’re busted, because TinEye will find your photo online…”