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Narro Reading of The New York Times will bring a brand-safety message to the NewFronts

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With advertisers worried about fake and sketchy content, the publisher will try to persuade them that they should spend more with its ilk.

Narro Reading of Studying Digital Marketing in a Post-Privacy Era

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As consumers, we’re being watched every minute of every day. Advertisers track us anonymously, share our personal data with marketers, and sell it to the highest bidder.Joseph Turow, the Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication at Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication, is a longtime observer of these advertising and marketing industry practices and one of the leading experts in the field.

Linux 4.11 File-System Tests: EXT4, F2FS, XFS & Btrfs by https://is.gd/OR299j


With the Linux 4.11 kernel potentially being released as soon as today, here are some fresh benchmarks of Btrfs / EXT4 / F2FS / XFS on a solid-state drive and comparing the performance of 4.11 Git back to Linux 4.9 and 4.10. For those wondering if the block/file-system changes of Linux 4.

from https://is.gd/OR299j

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Narro Reading of How Brands and Agencies Are Fighting Back Against Facebook and Google’s Measurement Snafus

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As more money moves from traditional media to digital, a growing number of marketers are questioning Google and Facebook’s data secrecy.

8 Linux Locate Command Examples for Beginners by https://is.gd/pvUCnq

Users finding bugs? Searching logs for errors? Find + fix broken code fast! While find is no doubt one of the most popular as well as powerful command line utilities for file searching in Linux, it not fast enough for situations where-in you need instantaneous results.

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Calligra 3.0.1 update released by https://is.gd/xUoEDy


Calligra Suite is a set of applications written to help you to accomplish your work.

A new bugfix update of Calligra, the 3.0.1 version, has been released.

Calligra Office

Calligra includes efficient and capable office components:

  • Words for text processing.
  • Sheets for computations.
  • Stage for presentations.
  • Plan for planning.
  • Flow for flowcharts.
  • Kexi for database creation.

Calligra Art

Calligra offers cutting edge applications for artists to work on 2D drawings and illustrations:

We have released a bugfix update of Calligra: the 3.0.1 version.

from https://is.gd/xUoEDy

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Narro Reading of even its creators can’t explain how it works

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No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. That could be a problem.