How to add a cool “MAC OS X” dock in your Linux: two different solutions for Kubuntu.

KoolDockLinux is Linux but the MAC OS X dock has always fascinated us. For this reason, in our Linux Page, we posted few notes explaining how to insert a “MAC OS X” dock in the Linux desktops. In the recent past there were some bugs in using these docks but now these two solutions – KSmoothDock and KoolDock – seem to be more stable and fast also in Linux. In particular we tested the three docks and we didn’t find any problem. Last but not least, between the best docks for Linux, we cannot forget to mention an “evergreen” like Superkaramba and its nice Tuxbar. AddThis

12 thoughts on “How to add a cool “MAC OS X” dock in your Linux: two different solutions for Kubuntu.

  1. dade

    ma uffa ma sotto gnome c’è sempre solo la dock di gdesklets (si lo so c’è AWN, kiba etc… ma sono instabili e non sono per nulla comodi da usare inoltre hanno un sacco di dipendenze con pacchetti di kde)

    a quando una bella dock per gnome? Magari sempre una gdesklet ma fatta un pò meglio…


  2. Galigio

    Hi All,

    We would inform you that we have added (30th March 2008) a new post about “How to add a cool “MAC OS X” dock in your Ubuntu: Avant Window Navigator (AWN)!”. In the Linux Page you will find also a short manual to install AWN. Enjoy it!


  3. CoonockCreemo

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