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How Social Media Skews Your Perception Of Reality by

We already know that social media is highly addictive, and that despite its social nature it may be responsible for your loneliness.


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Narro Reading of ‘News is not Netflix’: Personalization’s appeal remains uncertain for some publishers

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“It’s really not about pushing you the content we think you want. It’s pushing the content we think is of news value.”

Narro Reading of The Best Dogs In Science Fiction

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From Astro to Xenomorph.

Narro Reading of ‘India will be the biggest powerhouse for open source in the world’

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Jagmeet Singh of OSFY speaks with TechBlue founder Vik Tara to understand his views on the Indian open source space.

Narro Reading of How to Worry Productively

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Worrying is part of life. According to a new analysis, 38 percent of us worry about something every day—which honestly seems low. With a small tweak, though, you can turn your worries into a productive way to solve problems.

Narro Reading of Google Admits Brand Safety Is a Global Problem

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Google apologizes for the brand safety issues and admits that it’s a global problem