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Online Sales Growth Tops Expectations: Commbank by https://is.gd/RwNVvm


Online sales will account for more than a third of multi-channel retailers’ sales by 2018, according to new research by the Commonwealth Bank. The authors say growth is running ahead of expectations.

The study of retail channels to market also shows only one in five merchants use third party sites to attract customers; likely to increase as they ready for the local arrival of Amazon.

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Never Miss an Email Again: Gmail Notification Extension for GNOME Shell by http://bit.ly/2qvWajl

Looking for an easy way to get Gmail notifications on the GNOME desktop? Well, you needn’t look any further.

The Gmail Message Tray GNOME Extension does exactly what you want: shows you notifications of emails in the GNOME message tray (aka ‘notification centre’ aka ‘date/time indicator’).

One of the main reasons I use a desktop email client such as Thunderbird or Geary is the ability to receive notifications on the desktop as and when new email arrives.

from http://bit.ly/2qvWajl

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Fake Apps Pose New Phishing Threat by https://is.gd/UsnPS3

Phishing (i.e., fake, malicious email) doesn’t always get a lot of respect. At a time when the world is focused on “zero days,” cyber “weapons” and “kinetic” cyber attacks on the power grid, the very concept of phishing emails seems decidedly old-fashioned, almost second-rate.

In reality, however, phishing continues to pose one of the top threats to businesses and consumers the world over.

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Headset Turns YouTube Into a Desktop Music Player by https://is.gd/f7p6zB


YouTube is home to a huge selection of music, but using a web browser to listen to tracks isn’t always ideal. Which is where Headset comes in. Headset is a free desktop app that lets you use YouTube as a music source, letting you stream YouTube audio on your desktop.

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Atom is now available as a snap for Ubuntu by https://is.gd/AM69Sd

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Atom. Launched in 2014, Atom has been rapidly adopted by a large community and is considered one of the top language agnostic code editors. It offers a constantly growing library of 6 000+ addons for all purposes, from themes to IDE features.

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Gartner says AI systems might start replacing lawyers in just 5 years by https://is.gd/8sTKUO

Artificial intelligence-powered robots are coming along so fast that they could start replacing doctors, lawyers and IT workers within the next five years, according to a new prediction. It’s hardly a new forecast of course, but this time it comes from respected analyst firm Gartner Inc.

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Mark Shuttleworth: Ubuntu on the Desktop Will Remain Important to Canonical by https://is.gd/UmTnyZ


The Canonical and Ubuntu founder was interviewed there by theCUBE, who were very curious to know what the state of Ubuntu Linux was these days.

Mark Shuttleworth answered that his dream was always for Ubuntu to go mainstream on desktop, cloud, and IoT, but things don’t always go the way we want them to. According to Shuttleworth, Ubuntu appears to be the de facto standard for cloud computing and data centers.


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Linux and Other Open Source Technologies Protect Online Privacy: Snowden by https://is.gd/PlAzLb


Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who is living in exile since 2013 when he uncovered NSA’s surveillance operations. However, the tech world’s robin hood makes quite a few virtual appearances and gives his views on the state of privacy.

Snowden’s latest Q&A interaction happened with OpenStack Foundation’s COO Mark Collier over a video conference call during the OpenStack Summit. Snowden emphasized that premium cloud platform and proprietary software are a dent on people’s privacy.

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3 Ways a Virtual Assistant is the Fastest Ticket to Growth in 2017 by https://is.gd/Lt6GXo

Too many CEOs and leaders hold tight to their early days as task-oriented solo acts, without realizing that they are now the conductor for an orchestra.

We need help. And that’s why I believe that a virtual assistant is one of the fastest tickets to growth in 2017 and beyond.

from https://is.gd/Lt6GXo

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