How to delete – double – icons on your Android smartphones!

Google Play StoreThe first time I noticed doubled icons appearing on my Android 4.4 smartphone I thought that it was a temporary problem. So I tried to solve that with a simple reboot but I didn’t succeed.

Moreover when I tried to delete just one of the doubled icons I uninstalled the App…. This kind of matter is typical of smartphones and it usually doesn’t happen on tablets or Android PCs where you have a dedicated room (the “menu” page) to uninstall software (Apps) and different “screens” to organize them.

This means that if you delete a App’s icon from one of the “screens” you will still have your software installed into your device. The problem of double icons on smartphones is caused by a wrong configuration of your personal settings on Google Play Store.

To solve it, you have to:

1 – find all the problematic Apps;

2 – go to Google Play — Settings – and deselect “Add icon to home screen”;

3 – uninstall the “problematic” Apps;

4 – reinstall them.

To conclude it’s better to solve this kind of problem as soon as you notice it because, to solve the matter, you will have to waste your time uninstalling and reinstalling all the Apps with doubled icons.

25 thoughts on “How to delete – double – icons on your Android smartphones!

  1. Yevgeniy

    but how to do it for system non-removable apps, like syncIt, shareIt, calculator, calendar, clock, contacts, etc?


    1. Mahir

      I also have the same problem.Did you find the solution for it???if yes then please reply​ to this message and give the solution for this problem


  2. CeciFZ

    Hello everybody! My name is Cecilia and I’ve owned a Lenovo Vibe K5 for quite some time now. I’ve had this problem of dupplicate icons. The same thing as described here happened. I would install an app, then out of the blue it would dupplicate the app’s icon for no reason (so I thought) and when I tried to uninstall the extra icon, I ended up uninstalling the entire app itself. Later I discovered it wasn’t a virus or anything related to the store selling me a problematic phone. It is actually a bug related to the Lenovo laucher. Basically, when you transfer an app you installed in the internal memory of the phone, to the memory card you’ve put on your phone, for some reason the Lenovo laucher sees as if you’ve got two times the same app, that’s why it dupplicates the icon. According to this video (in Brazilian portuguese)
    this is a bug that doens’t affect the phone’s performance, but there is a way to fix it, even if not permanently. This is what you do:
    Settings->apps management->all->Lenovo Laucher->Clear Data->ok
    This is NOT a permanent fix, for everytime you rebbot your phone, it will continue to see one app in the memory card and one app in the internal phone memory, so it WILL continue to duplicate.
    So my solution to that would be:
    -Take a look and see what apps are being duplicate and leave them in the phone’s internal memory, DO NOT move them to the memory card.
    -OR change your laucher to the Google Laucher. No problems found there.
    My phone was duplicating some apps I had downloaded, it never duplicated anything that came with the phone, such as calendar, syncIt, shareIt, calculator, nothing like that.
    I hope this is helpful! I didn’t post it before because I wanted to make sure it worked.
    Feel free to contact me if you didn’t understand.


  3. Mat


    What if the app can t be deleted? (contact for example)
    Seems that the double icon appear after the update.

    Thanks for your help


  4. Angie Janovich

    If the app is ‘Messaging’ on twice…one is disabled, other rolls fine. I’m afraid of deleting one icon/app and then reinstalling I will lose all text information.
    Please help.


    1. Cecilia

      Hmmm that will probably happen. Maybe yoy can backup your text messages and after you unsitalled and reinstalled the app, you can restore the backup.


  5. Michelle Martin

    I have a Samsung android phone and it is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen all my contacts come up like 3 or 4 times all my apps are double or triple and it runs random programs all the time it erased all my pics by its self i.really hate it


    1. Cecilia

      It’s a bug. With me they happened because when I moved an app that was saved in the internal memory of the phone to the memory card I put in the phone, my phone thought there were two apps, that’s why it duplicated.


  6. Sahad

    Yes guys I jus found the best answer jus now.
    Go to settings… select apps… select all…. select the launcher (default one, in ma case “launcher3” (am using Lenovo P70))…. clear data.

    Problem solved.


  7. Shirley soon

    Recently an extra Clock icon appeared on my LG4 android phone. Tried all the suggestions in forums but had no success. I was fiddling around one day with moving around my icons, when I noticed something would pop up every time I held my fingertip on an icon. A ‘remove’ or ‘Uninstall’ bar would drop down from the top of the screen. Secret is that you need both hands to use it. One finger to first hold down the extra icon, and one finger to tap ‘remove’ or ‘uninstall’ at the top of the screen. It worked. I am sure the bar was there before, but I just never noticed it.



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