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How to Run Mac Apps on Linux by https://ift.tt/2ZxCcpW

“macOS and Linux share a common heritage. Unfortunately, that does not mean applications can smoothly transition between the operating systems. To run Mac apps on Linux, you’ll need some sort of virtual machine or translation layer.”

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LastPass Exploit Shows That Last Password You Made Probably Wasn’t Your Last by https://is.gd/J4T5iA

LastPass is one of the most prominent password managers around. It’s extremely convenient but if it were hacked, it would be quite the pain in the arse for users. In a blog post, the company has warned that a major exploit has been discovered and outlined what action users should take immediately.

from https://is.gd/J4T5iA

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Wireless Power Transmission: real available technology and marketing advantages

ubeamWireless energy transmission for remote charging is one of the most strategic key factor for the development of a new generation of tech devices in the near future. Few years ago some futuristic thinkers forecasted the possibility of wireless energy transmission between far places. In particular the academic community was interested in energy transmission between the planet earth and orbiting satellites equipped with solar power stations. 
This long range power transmission technology would radically change the energetic, economic and power equilibrium of our world but unfortunately, at the moment, this technology is not available. 
On the contrary, near range power transmission is something near the corner. 
After long researches an USA company  is launching the first generation commercial version of a wireless power transmitter with ultrasound that will allow to recharge (for the moment) mobile phones in a range of 15 feet (4.5 meters) just using a special cover. 
Fifteen feet are not a long range nor a medium one but the important thing is that it is contactless and that 15 feet start to be an interesting distance. 
So interesting that a big coffee shop chain as Starbucks  is considering to introduce these remote charging devices in all its shops. 
In this way all the customers will be able to automatically and freely charge their mobile devices as soon as they enter into the coffee shop. A good added value considering how much energy our devices need when strongly used during the day. And consequently, for many people, a good reason to prefer a store to another one. A potentially viral added value as well as a magnetic marketing strategy!
Last but not least, it must be considered that the success of this kind of technology operations is determined by costs. At the moment it is not possible to find any information about prices for the mobile device covers at the end consumer side. If the end users price for covers will be high, the huge, positive effects of a partnership with a big player as Starbucks couldn’t be enough without some kind of tech fashion pivot. 
Good luck uBeam! You have the right idea!

Video – Linux Wifi Mac address spoofing by peruzfinest08


Video – TeamViewer remote Desktop Connection by xComptoturialx

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TeamViewer: Control remoto para Linux y Android

Ante de nada, quiero disculparme con todos los seguidores de Galigio por la falta de Post en Castellano, espero poder volver a contribuir con mi granito de arena y compartir mis ideas. Bueno volviendo a lo nuestro, os quiero hablar del programa TeamViewer.

Hace tiempo estuve mirando para poder efectuar el aceso remoto entre mi PC y el PC de un amigo, ambos con Linux; desafortunadamente hay que reconocer que es posible pero no de una forma muy rápida y sencilla, el programa LogmeIn que era una de los disponible funcionaba solo con Windows y MAC también. Afortunadamente hace unos meses estuve investigando otra vez y pude averiguar que TeamViewer está disponible para Linux, Mac, Windows y también para Smartphones. La versión para Linux está disponible en diferentes paquetes: deb 32/64 bit, rpm 32/64 bits y también tar.gz; para Smartphone está disponible para Android, iPhone e iPad. Yo que uso Kubuntu he instalado la versión deb y también la he instalado en mi Smartphone Android.

Tengo que reconocer que funciona muy muy bien, desde mi teléfono puedo entrar en el escritorio de mi PC sin ningún problema y funciona muy rápido sin quedarse colgado. También he hecho una prueba entrando en el portátil de mi hermana mientra ella estaba en su casa y yo en la mía, todo muy bien, he podido efectuar una asistencia remota en su portátil e ayudarla con algún problemita que tenia. En fin, puede que no os cuente nada nuevo pero os aconsejo de probar esta aplicación porque seguro que siempre pude venir bien para diferentes usos. os dejo el enlace a su pagina Web. Bookmark this page!