Super Grub: how to solve boot problems in Linux, Windows, OS Independent

Super GrubSuper Grub is a very practical and useful free bootable cd which can be very useful when you need to solve boot problems in Linux, Windows and other OS Independent. In our Linux page, Frank wrote a descriptive post about the many features you can find (and effectively use) in this terrific bootable cd. Super Grub is very light (just 1.45 MB of cdrom .iso), supports seven different languages and can be downloaded also in its floppy disk version.

13 thoughts on “Super Grub: how to solve boot problems in Linux, Windows, OS Independent

  1. kamal

    i was installed linux on my system and then rtlinux also.
    but now iam getting (grub>) prompt.
    now iam trying to slove that problem iam not getting….
    plz,help me……………………….

    how slove this problem in completely linux system?


  2. galigio Post author

    Dear Kamal,
    please, give us some more information about your problem. What is really happening, what is first OS on your computer,…
    We wait your information, let us know.


  3. gomathi sankar

    hello sir

    my system in dual os one windows xp and another one is linux.
    Boot the my meachine suddnly (grub>_)error .So please help me


  4. kushal

    i have a desktop in that by mistake i installed 2 os in same drive ….
    but now it does boot in one time …
    i have to reboot my system again n again .
    after 4 or 5 times rebooting it boots properly…….
    pls help me….
    is it because of os….


  5. teju

    while im installing was interrupted due to power it was not installing at present.pls solve my problem.when i kept os cd, it was not booting.


  6. kc

    hi all. i have a system operating in windows xp. it was cloned from another system using ghost software. the problem is that when i plugged this hdd as primary drive, i saw a grub _ error message with blank screen. when i set this hdd as secondary (with another disk as master), i can see 2 partition, D: containing the OS files & E: the boot data as well as ghost images. can you educate me on how to solve this in order to boot successfully.



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