IZArc: the best portable free software to manage all archives (zip, tar, etc..)

IZArcThis week we have tested IZArc in our freeware page. IZArc is a terrific freeware to manage many (perhaps I should say: “All”) different formats of archive. IZArc has a very clean interface and in few minutes (after few tests) you are able to use all its features. Using IZArc you can also have a quick look in ISO archives before burning them and directly scan them using your favourite anti-virus. I hope that IZArc developers would create a Linux version in the future because this freeware is really one of the most useful and tiny software I discovered in last months (now it is possible to use IZArc in Linux through Wine). In our Linux page we posted a review about LiveLook, a multiplatform (Linux, MAC OS X, Windows) on-line service to remote control your computers. Unfortunately this web based service will be free for just few more weeks but for the moment it works greatly. AddThis

2 thoughts on “IZArc: the best portable free software to manage all archives (zip, tar, etc..)

  1. UnderMiner

    Well, you say that it’s portable but I haven’t found a portable version yet and I’ve used IZArc for a long time now. What I’ve done though is use “Universal Extractor” to unpack the installer “IZArc_Setup.exe” file and then copied the {app} folder + decompressor.dll from the embedded folder into a folder on my thumb drive. Works like a charm but a portable version I’ve not found… yet



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