Create a portable wifi hotspot using your Nokia mobile and Joikuspot Light

It is not always possible to find a wi-fi hotspot everytime you need but now it is possible to create you own portable hotspot on the go. This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we reviewed Joikuspot Light: an interesting software to create a wi-fi hotspot with your Nokia. The first thing you have to focus on your attention is your data plan on your mobile. In fact, if you have not a flat plan we really do not recommend to use Joikuspot because your mobile bill could be very expensive! For all the people with flat mobile plans we can affirm that Joikuspot Light is very easy to use and the connection are stable. In our tests we use a Nokia based on Symbian and we were able to surf the internet without any problem. To install it you can download the right version on the official website and install it later on your phone or you could decide to send the link directly to your Nokia mobile using the “Send to phone for Free”. Enjoy it! AddThis mp3 link

4 thoughts on “Create a portable wifi hotspot using your Nokia mobile and Joikuspot Light

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