LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice! What’s the difference?

Since the end of September 2010, a group of German OpenOffice volunteers left definitively the project to join the The Document Foundation and develop a fork version of the famous free productivity platform now controlled by Oracle. After just few months we have LibreOffice: a (more or less) new cross-platform productivity software based on OpenOffice version 3.3 beta. We compared both the free suites and apparently we did not notice particular differences in features and tools. Also the graphic interface is similar between the two platforms and the buttons position is the same. At the moment LibreOffice supports less languages in its Linux and MAC OS X versions and it is not compatible with Solaris based PCs. Both the productivity platforms are able to use the OpenOffice extension library.  Consequently, it is clear that it’s too early to notice relevant technical differences between the two competitors but, for sure, something will show off in the next versions. In fact LibreOffice has been created to guarantee a vendor independent office suite which can be developed with no copyright software chunks. The goal is prestigious and we can only say, Good Luck LibreOffice! AddThis mp3 link Flattr this!

9 thoughts on “LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice! What’s the difference?

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    1. azorius

      What great insight your post was deviled with Wee Willy, you have just convinced me to leave my free and stable debian OS for a expensive and unstable propieritary OS that is defective by design… I am glad that you spoke such true words of wisdom, that truly demonstrate your extensive knowledge of all the flaws of the POSIX standard, and all the strengths of the failed Mac implementation of the windows API, as I have never prior to your well written reply found any reason to leave Debian GNU/linux.

      As to Libre vs Open Office. It will be interesting to see happens. It seems to me that the most obvious advantage of the Libre fork is that it will be “pure GPL”…
      The way I understand it LibreOffice forked OpenOffice and now Oracle is deciding to make OpenOffice community based, so most likley what will happen is that LibraOffice will be the community choosen?


    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for pointing that out. That is definitely a factor for me to consider when recommending an office product to people.


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