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Burn. Better. by http://www.etcher.io


Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy. Extract, and run!

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Linux and macOS malware threats tripled in 2016, according to report by https://is.gd/zIM0Hk

A recent report from the online threat testing group AV-Test showed some interesting new information, mainly focused on the safety of the internet for platforms like Windows and Android.

According to the report published, Linux and macOS saw the largest gains in new threats, with Windows dropping 15% from the previous year.

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App Attack: It’s time to get off the couch and ‘In the Kitchen’ by https://is.gd/6k1e8D

Do you ever find yourself glued to your TV mesmerized by all the dishes you see on the Food Network?  The struggle with recreating meals is that sometimes we need a visual guide in the kitchen.

Food Network’s aptly-named In The Kitchen app knows that not everyone’s a seasoned chef — no pun intended — and it’s purpose is to get you off the couch.

The app gives you access to all its popular recipes — more than 70,000. whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert — from renowned chefs like Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, and more.

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How I’m reliving my childhood through Android apps by https://is.gd/wOzFUz

Living in past is the fad again, and I’m leaning in by turning my smartphone into a time machine. As if it wasn’t already obvious, nostalgia is in, everyone.

Nostalgia doesn’t seem to be limited to my bubble either. Every old thing seems to be getting a reboot, from the Twin Peaks TV show to the Nokia 3310 cellphone, to high-rise jeans (Frankly, a fad I can get behind). I’m not sure if this is 2017 or 1997 anymore, so I thought that maybe it would be entertaining to use my Galaxy S8 as a time machine and take me back to when Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office and the Spice Girls were my favorite thing.

from https://is.gd/wOzFUz

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