” Device not managed ” problem on Ubuntu while configuring Netgear EX2700

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I was setting my new Netgear EX2700 WiFi Range Extender through Ubuntu when my wired connection disappeared.

The first thing to notice is that this kind of problem seems to be rare and it happened while I was trying to disable the WPS option on that particular model of Netgears’ WiFi Extender.

Secondly, the ethernet connection option into the menu upper bar menu indicated “Device not Managed”.

Last but not least, I’ld like to underline is that I was not able to reconnect to the ethernet also after I decided to restart it through the Terminal typing the command:

service network-manager restart

I found different solutions on Internet but all the explenation were really verbose and I needed to find a quick solution that I could manage just in few minutes…

At the end I found and adapted a solution previously created for Debian 6.0. The problem seems to be connected with the fact that Network Manager does not accept interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces.

For this reason it is necessary to manually change (through the text editor Gedit) the NetworkManager.conf file I found into /etc/NetworkManager/ :

sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

I had to change the managed= option from false to true.



After this quick change the Network Manager is now able to managed the interfaces contained into /etc/network/interfaces.

Now I restarted the network manager through:

sudo service network-manager restart

and the ethernet restarted working in the right way.

Fast and simple…




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