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Don’t Fight the Robots. Tax Them. by https://ift.tt/2BPfwIO

“Many companies invest in automation because the tax code encourages it, not because robots are more productive. Mr. Porter is an economics writer for The Times.”

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The Artificial Intelligence Home System Helping You Keep an Eye on Mom by https://ift.tt/2U79Cd2

“As you approach middle age, a new reality is likely to set in: caring for an aging adult. Becoming a caregiver — whether it’s for a parent, older relative or spouse — impacts a quarter of Americans between the ages of 45 and 64, according to Pew Research Center.”

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A look at AI and its effects on blockchain by https://goo.gl/wEG4B7

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are two of the hottest technology trends right now. Even though the two technologies have highly different developing parties and applications, researchers have been discussing and exploring their combination, and they have been found to go extremely well together...

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The impact of self-learning software now and in the foreseeable future by https://is.gd/cVoWsf

We’ve spent so long wringing our hands and worrying about artificial and virtual intelligence that we forgot to roll out the welcome mat when they finally arrived.

The future is here — and it’s equal parts exciting and terrifying. Now that our world is populated with computer programs that can teach themselves new tricks, how will things change? What’s still worth worrying about?

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