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5 Ways Advertising Could Change If Chrome Blocks Third-Party Cookies by http://bit.ly/2VFg8IP

“With increased pressure to bend to the calls for consumer privacy, corporations and governments are doubling down on regulations to block third-party technology that targets consumers.”

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Pandora to start testing A.I.-powered interactive voice ads by https://ift.tt/2YJuN7F

“Talking to ads may not seem like the ideal way to spend your time when you’re trying to relax to some tunes, but Pandora may soon have you doing just that. The music streaming service is planning to test interactive ads that are designed to encourage responses from listeners.”

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What the Airline Knows About the Guy in Seat 14C by https://ift.tt/2v6UhOA

Your flight attendant wishes you happy birthday. Is that cute or creepy? Airlines know a lot about you, from date of birth and home address to travel patterns, vacation preferences, beverage purchases and whether your last flight was good or bad.
United rolled out a new app to its flight attendants earlier this year with so much information about people, the airline has been reluctant to turn on all the functionality. The tool can show flight attendants information on each frequent flier’s five previous flights—green if it was a good flight, yellow or red if something went wrong, like a delay. But United is worried some customers might consider that stalking.

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Google introduces the feed, a news stream of your evolving interests by https://is.gd/rPDAEl

More than four years after the launch of Google Now, the company has fully dissolved its AI assistant into the DNA of many of its core product offerings.

Today, Google is delivering an update to the feed it introduced to its Google app last year, bringing more attention to showcasing the information its knowledge graph has built on users while allowing them to “follow” certain topics and people to shape what they’re seeing in the feed, as well.

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9 Essential Design Tools for Non-Designers by https://is.gd/ktvPhr

Content and design work better together – in fact, your content marketing efforts really won’t achieve optimal success if they don’t include a solid design component to bring your words to life. Not convinced your content needs design?

Regardless, you’ll need to work on a design project at some point, and there’s no need for you to look like an amateur when you do it. Here are nine easy-to-use tools that can help any non-designer accomplish common design tasks.

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‘In reality, we are a content company’: Football clubs embrace the role of digital publisher by https://is.gd/wa7ILp

Sports franchises are quickly becoming media brands of their own. For the world’s top football teams — yes, we’re talking soccer here, Americans — digital media is a chance to realize that ambition. It’s particularly handy in erasing geographical boundaries.

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