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Startup founders set up hacker homes to recreate Silicon Valley synergy by https://ift.tt/3j6x0Dg

“In Y Combinator’s early days, founders would move to Palo Alto, split a two-bedroom with five others to save money and trade notes around the clock with their new, like-minded roommates.”

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Self-made millionaires say you should think twice before going to college by http://ift.tt/2tKdiFl

Self-made millionaire James Altucher has some strong opinions when it comes to the value of college.

In many cases, “a degree means nothing,” he tells Farnoosh Torabi on a recent episode of her podcast “So Money.”

“We’re in an idea-based economy and a skill-based economy, not a certificate based economy,” he continues. “We used to be in a certificate-based economy. It’s just not true anymore.”

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