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A pioneering computer scientist wants algorithms to be regulated like cars, banks, and drugs by https://is.gd/7FOiY3

It’s convenient when Facebook can tag your friends in photos for you, and it’s fun when Snapchat can apply a filter to your face. Both are examples of algorithms that have been trained to recognize eyes, noses, and mouths with consistent accuracy.

When these programs are wrong—like when Facebook mistakes you for your sibling or even your mom—it’s hardly a problem. In other situations, though, we give artificial intelligence much more responsibility, with larger consequences when it inevitably backfires.

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Leak reveals Facebook’s rules for controversial content by https://is.gd/0ftzN2


It’s no secret that Facebook’s judgment calls on risky content are sometimes more than a little problematic. But just what are the rules guiding those decisions? You’ll know after today.

The Guardian has obtained leaked copies of over 100 internal documents outlining Facebook’s rules for handling sensitive content, and it’s clear that the social network is struggling to walk a fine line between freedom of expression and protecting users. At least some of it is understandable, but there are areas where its decision-making might rub you the wrong way.

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How to make Twitter profitable by https://is.gd/MuC52k

For better and sometimes worse, Twitter is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

For better and sometimes worse, Twitter is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Twitter has arguably played a critical role in at least two of the defining political upheavals of our era: The Arab Spring and the election of a political outsider, Donald Trump, as president of the United States.

Every day, Twitter contributes to the political debate, the sharing of ideas and the widespread dissemination, via links, of news articles and the otherwise obscure findings of academics and nonprofit studies. And, each day, this activity on Twitter contributes to meaningful, ongoing political debate across societies and across the political spectrum.

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In Europe’s Election Season, Tech Vies to Fight Fake News by https://is.gd/cUQwAf

As Europe readies for several elections this year after President Trump’s victory in the United States, Mr. Vlachos, 36, is one of a growing number of technology experts worldwide who are harnessing their skills to tackle misinformation online.

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The French electorate heads to the polls in the second round of presidential elections on May 7, followed by votes in Britain and Germany in the coming months. Computer scientists, tech giants and start-ups are using sophisticated algorithms and reams of online data to quickly — and automatically — spot fake news faster than traditional fact-checking groups can.

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Instagram powers Taco Bell’s innovation machine — and it’s completely changing the fast-food menu as we know it by https://is.gd/QDjoZN

The company’s social media team closely watches the brand’s Twitter to keep an eye out for customers who are disappointed by cheese that isn’t as stretchy as what is portrayed in ads. n many ways, social media platforms like Instagram are also powering Taco Bell’s innovation engine and determining what’s on the fast-food chain’s menu.

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Upcoming.org founder relaunches site four years after Yahoo shut it down by https://is.gd/6Awbo1

Before events were posted on Facebook, the place to find social activities on the internet back in the early 2000s was Upcoming.org. Founded by Andy Baio, the site combined an event calendar with social networking where everything was primarily sourced from the community.

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