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Click fraud, ad blockers and fake news: How programmatic became problematic by http://bit.ly/2oq3QHF

If the programmatic advertising ecosystem were a terrarium, automation and data-driven audience targeting would be the fertile loam from which the promise of digital sprouts.

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Why Facebook Keeps Beating Every Rival: It’s the Network, of Course by https://is.gd/NkBZQR

The tech world just witnessed a robbery. The heist was so brazen you kind of had to admire it, even if it was pulled off with all the grace of a gas station stickup. Facebook barged into Snapchat’s happy Venice Beach, Calif. mansion, took a solid inventory of the goods, then lifted the crown jewels. First a version of Stories, the fun slide-show format that Snapchat created, appeared last year on Instagram, owned by Facebook. Then Snapchat’s features made their way to WhatsApp and Messenger, Facebook’s chat apps. A couple of weeks ago they got to the big leagues — Facebook’s main app — and the heist was complete.

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Uber Wants to Rule the World. First It Must Conquer India. by https://is.gd/ppqYRY

BANGALORE, India — Nandini Balasubramanya’s office here on the southern edge of India’s technology capital does not look as if it would play a key role in the world’s most valuable start-up’s plans for global conquest. On many days, the tiny space has no electricity.

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Politicians like it when economists disagree because then they can safely ignore the ones they dislike by https://is.gd/K5Aw9m


In a new paper in International Studies Quarterly, John Quiggin and Henry Farrell argue that politicians get in trouble when they buck a consensus among economists, but when economists are divided, they can simply ignore the ones they disagree with — so politicians spend a lot of time looking for

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A Simplified Guide To Social Media Marketing Platforms by http://bit.ly/2nprnGx


While the majority of business leaders and marketers are well versed by now in social media marketing, not everyone is on board yet. There are still a lot of companies, C-Suite level executives, and “old school” workers that aren’t aware of what social media marketing platforms offer.

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