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The seven Indian startups that made it to Y Combinator’s demo-day event this March by http://bit.ly/2nYCYh6

To get noticed by Silicon Valley’s startup machine Y Combinator is every budding entrepreneur’s dream. One of the world’s most influential and renowned accelerators, which now also engages in seed funding, it has backed successful startups such as AirBnB, Dropbox, and Reddit.

from http://bit.ly/2nYCYh6

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Why a Centralized Work Hub Matters at Big Events Like Startup Week by Christina Christian via Tech.co

…”Having this centralized work hub helps to create a sense of community and consistency throughout the many little events, activities, and discussions that occur throughout the entirety of the overall event. These kinds of spaces offer both the activity and energy to inspire, along with lounge and co-working space to unwind and catch up on work. Best of all, it creates opportunities to connect with others in the community in meaningful ways”…

by Christina Christian via Tech.co


Digital currency is poised to reinvent how startups are funded, led by Chroma Fund

How to fix the number of kernels during the Ubuntu boot up!

UbuntuWe are sorry for the delay in uploading this new post but we had some technical problems. It happens! This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a couple of simple but effective tips to choose how many Kernels you want you see when starting up your Ubuntu 8.04. Using Add/Remove Programs it is possible to install the “StartUp Manager” program which allows you to easily choose the number of kernels you prefer. Moreover we have suggested an alternative command line “delete” and “save” solution for the people who prefer to solve this inconvenience without installing new software. Good work! AddThis mp3 link