How to install the Linux version of Cooliris add-on in Firefox 3.1

This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) , we posted a brief  post to focus your attention on Cooliris in its, not well known, Linux version. In fact on Linux, you are not always allowed to install directly Cooliris as Firefox add-on and the same happens when you try to install Cooliris using the Firefox Add-on official webpage   In this case, the only solution we have, is represented by surfing on the Cooliris homepage and click on the Linux version in the Downloads Page. The xpi file will be immediately opened and in just few clicks it is installed. Cooliris allows you to search videos, images and photographs in many sites (Google Image Search, YouTube, Flickr, Hulu, online retailers, and other sites), watch them on a 3D wallpaper or on a full-screen slideshow using the toggle button. This program contains also an interesting bunch of channels as News, Sport, Photos of the day, Music Videos, Comedy, etc.. UsingCooliris you can also share your multimedia stuff with friends or keep them in your Favorites. At the moment this Linux version of Cooliris runs on Firefox 3.1+ using Ubuntu 8.04+, Fedora 10.0+ or OpenSuse 11+. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link

3 thoughts on “How to install the Linux version of Cooliris add-on in Firefox 3.1

  1. killer9

    well i got a problem when i try to open cooliris (when i click on the icon that suposed to open cooliris) he never open.and i installed all corectly


  2. ROD

    I have an other problem. when i try to open the link belove the picture (weblink) my system (Kubuntu 8.10) freeze. the only way to restart it is to disconnect from AC.
    ^o^ ??????


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