How to repair a bad screen resolution on the IOMEGA Screenplay Pro HD

This is the situation: you have a IOMEGA Screenplay Pro and while you where trying to find a better output  resolution for your monitor you accidentally (or not) selected the HD option and now you are not able to visualize anything.

In few words this is the easiest problem you can afford but also one of the worst because you are not able to visualize the menu and so you cannot revert the right monitor resolution.

I visited many websites but unfortunately I didn’t find any forum or post about this topic. In any case I like to focus your attention on this ScreenPlay Pro HD wiki which is a real mine of information and tips about this specific hardware.

So I tried to “play” with the Screen Play Pro HD remote but I was not able to find a solution without visualizing anything on the monitor.

At the end, when I was thinking to reset the Screenplay and loosing all the data contained, I tried to use an old solution I used different times with other stuff: I pressed the power button for more than 10 seconds while I was switching on the device.

Something happened because the monitor showed me the Screenplay boot up window for a couple of seconds. At this point I pressed the NTSC/PAL button and the Screenplay Pro HD menu was visualized on my monitor again. AddThis

5 thoughts on “How to repair a bad screen resolution on the IOMEGA Screenplay Pro HD

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