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How to solve a boring Firefox crash when you upgrade it on Linux

Firefox 3.0

Firefox is the most flexible browser you can install and use on your computer. It is always upgraded, easily customizable and full of add-ons you can choose to satisfy all your needs but sometimes, after an upgrade it crashes and does not run. Today, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have added a brief post about solving this problem. First of all, start Firefox in its Safe Mode (open Terminal and then type: firefox -safe-mode or if you prefer Alt+F2 and then type as described before). Immediately you will see a menu window with five different options. Click on the button which allows you to “Disable all the add-ons” and you will able to launch Firefox. This happens because some add-ons are not compatible with the new version of Firefox. To completely solve the matter you have to separately enable each add-ons and restart the browser after having added any single add-ons. In this way, you will be able to understand which is the “guilty add-ons”. Useful! AddThis mp3 link