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Don’t Fight the Robots. Tax Them. by https://ift.tt/2BPfwIO

“Many companies invest in automation because the tax code encourages it, not because robots are more productive. Mr. Porter is an economics writer for The Times.”

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The Artificial Intelligence Home System Helping You Keep an Eye on Mom by https://ift.tt/2U79Cd2

“As you approach middle age, a new reality is likely to set in: caring for an aging adult. Becoming a caregiver — whether it’s for a parent, older relative or spouse — impacts a quarter of Americans between the ages of 45 and 64, according to Pew Research Center.”

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Forecasting in the age of big data by http://bit.ly/2RKkVKc

A recent Gartner survey demonstrated just how important digital business has become.

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Google launches new features for running AI and software containers on its cloud by https://ift.tt/2rZjXep

Google Inc. today rolled new features for its cloud platform that address two of the most important technology trends in the enterprise: software containers and artificial intelligence. Just one of the enhancements focuses on AI, but it’s arguably among the most significant in the bunch.

Companies that use the Google Cloud ML Engine to build machine learning models can now harness the search giant’s internally designed Tensor Processing Units in their projects.

A TPU is made up of four application-specific integrated circuits specifically tuned for running AI software. The chip series, which powers several of Google’s consumer services, became available via its cloud platform in February.

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Machine Learning Managed Services: Can Big Tech Provide Viable Alternatives to IIoT Predictive Maintenance Software?by https://ift.tt/2GvDAA0

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being recognized as the next platform battle. As Wired Magazine noted, “Microsoft became the giant it is today because Windows was the place developers went to reach PC users. ” As tech companies build their position, there is an active effort to recruit developers and end-users as a means of establishing a foothold within the industrial sector.

The marketing pitch is deceptively simple: As industrial plants struggle with the dearth of qualified big data experts to develop AI predictive maintenance, companies such as Google and Amazon claim that they can fill the void.

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The Autonomous Car Race by Anders Kravis via TechCrunch.com

The Autonomous Car Race by Anders Kravis via TechCrunch.com