PS3 running Linux: a broader choice for your multimedia formats

PS3Today, in our Linux Page, Frank posted some interesting information about the PS3 with Yellow Dog Linux installed. This new official PS3 version allows you to play a broader choice of multimedia formats. Please, don’t forget to check the presence of the right codecs before using new multimedia formats. If you prefer to buy a “classic” version of PS3, you could find interesting this brief tutorial (with video) about installing Fedora Linux on your Playstation 3. Last but not least, we discovered also a detailed tutorial about installing Gentoo Linux on your PlayStation. Now, if you want to enjoy a PS3 Linux experience, you have to just decide what Linux version is the best for your needs! Enjoy it! AddThis

2 thoughts on “PS3 running Linux: a broader choice for your multimedia formats

  1. Christian Russell

    Hi i have purchased a 40 gig ps3 this past feb. 08 i am getting ready to add a new 320gig, 7200 rpm, 16mb hard drive. My question is which yellow dog linux would best suit my ps3 i want to get the max out of this system that it possibly offers and i am interested in linux just not sure which version is made or will work on it properly.If u can maybe help shoot me in the right direction on this confusion i am having i would greatly appreciate it, thank u for taking the time to read and possibly answer this for me.



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