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Automation is sweeping across India’s manufacturing space by http://bit.ly/2HfWqxt

“Indian shop floors are going smart. Manufacturing, a typically labour-intensive process, is adopting technology to boost productivity and save costs. It is automating core processes to improve quality and stay competitive. This is Industry 4.0 at its most granular.”

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Backdoor discovered in Swiss voting system would have allowed hackers to alter votes by https://ift.tt/2J8KdP9

“Written by A team of cybersecurity researchers on Tuesday revealed technical flaws in the Swiss government’s electronic voting system that could enable outsiders to replace legitimate votes with fraudulent ones.”

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How to replace yourself with a very small shell script by https://is.gd/DqZ4Ig

Data scientist Hillary Mason (previously) talks through her astoundingly useful collection of small shell scripts that automate all the choresome parts of her daily communications: processes that remind people when they owe her an email; that remind her when she accidentally drops her end of an exchange…

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The state of the car computer: Forget horsepower, we want megahertz! by https://is.gd/4jZ36Z

If I asked you “how many computing devices do you own?” your mind will probably first jump to your PCs and laptops at home, and then to your smartphones and tablets. The more tech savvy might include smartwatches, TVs, and video game systems. But there’s one computing device that not many people think about as a computing device: the car infotainment system.

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Domogik – a free (GPLv3) Home Automation solution – by https://is.gd/kmFqLA


Domogik is a free (GPLv3) Home Automation solution.

It allows you to:

  • Controlling your lights, shutters, etc.
  • Monitor your house (temperature, electricty, …).
  • Create scenarios to make your home more independently.
  • Controlling your home with Voice .

And much more …

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The art of algorithms: How automation is affecting creativity by https://is.gd/LmJRG2

“Drawing on your phone or computer can be slow and difficult — so we created AutoDraw, a new web-based tool that pairs machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw,” wrote Google Creative Lab’s “creative technologist,” Dan Motzenbecker.

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