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How to free some hard disk space and substitute Acrobat Reader without giving up any features

This week, in our Freeware Page, we posted some thoughts on pdf readers. Some days ago I had some problems with my office Windows XP PC because the hard disk space was ending. As usual, I cleaned up the disk using CCleaner and I earned ca. 200MB of space and proceed to compress  the hard disk. Unfortunately, this strategy did not solve my problems so I decided to have a deep look into the numbers of Kb each program occupied on the HD and I was surprised in noticing that Acrobat Reader needs more than 200MB of HD space to work. Then I focus my attention on Foxit Reader and I discovered that it occupied more or less 7MB of HD space. Obviously I disinstall Acrobat Reader and earned ca. 190MB of hard disk. Today, I am not able to affirm that I solved all my problems with my PC but I am confident that, with an intelligent use of CCleaner, I will able to go ahead for another couple of months without contacting the administrator for a new HD and stop my work for (sic) at least a couple of days. Something to think about…. AddThis mp3 link