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European Copyright Directive: an IP expert’s analysis by https://ift.tt/2TDbIR2

“A “landmark”. A “massive step forward”. A “global first”. The international music industry was in a celebratory mood this week following the European Parliament’s plenary vote on the Copyright Directive, putting a lid on two years of heated, and sometimes ugly, debate.”

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Japan Abandons Tough Anti-Downloading Copyright Law by https://ift.tt/2ClEAY9

“Japan’s government has decided to not to proceed with its controversial anti-piracy law. The proposals would have rendered the downloading of all copyrighted content illegal while criminalizing offenders with jail sentences of up to two years. The reforms will now go back to the drawing board.”

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Why can’t Karen Sandler get the source code for her pacemaker? by https://is.gd/kXRkfk


Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration threatened legal action against Abbott Laboratories after researchers demonstrated that some of its heart-monitoring devices were insecure and could be hacked. It’s not a new problem.

It’s not a new problem. The white hat hacker Barnaby Jack showed in 2011 how insulin pumps could be remotely hijacked by a hacker, and the lack of adequate cybersecurity regulations for medical devices has been well-documented.

But none of this has gotten Karen Sandler any closer to getting the source code for her pacemaker.

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How Google Book Search Got Lost by https://is.gd/VZKoqO

Books can do anything. As Franz Kafka once said, “A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.” It was Kafka, wasn’t it? Google confirms this. But where did he say it? Google offers links to some quotation websites, but they’re generally unreliable.

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