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European Copyright Directive: an IP expert’s analysis by https://ift.tt/2TDbIR2

“A “landmark”. A “massive step forward”. A “global first”. The international music industry was in a celebratory mood this week following the European Parliament’s plenary vote on the Copyright Directive, putting a lid on two years of heated, and sometimes ugly, debate.”

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paris_assemble_nationale-640x430French state of emergency allows website blocking, device search powers

Teenagers are leaving Facebook. Why? Because their parents are on it. [The Guardian]

by Rob Beschizza.

This brief article is interesting because it analyzes a new trend between 16-18 years old EU citizens who prefer alternative social media to Facebook. Moreover, the article describes a new “mood” between young European who “feel embarrassed to even be associated with” Facebook because it is considerate a conservative choice strictly related to their parents relational behaviour. Something to reflect on over the new year!… Tempus fugit!  AddThis