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Sandboxie: the best sandbox for your Windows peace of mind!

Sandboxie LogoThere are almost two different good reasons to install a sandbox on you Windows OS: email/internet security and the possibility of trying new software without risking to damage your OS configuration. About the first point we can say that it is useful to read the attachments of your emails or freely browsing the web without risking to infect the PC. I know, we all do not usually open attachments from unknown email senders but at least, once a month (for example when we are under pressure at work) it happens and then we have to scan the PC with antiviruses and antispywares to check if we have involuntary open one or more backdoors. Moreover, when we decide to test a new software we could prefer not to take unnecessary risks running them. This week, in our Freeware Page, we have tested Sandboxie, a freeware which allows you to use one or all the programs installed on your computer with no risks. In fact all the data are stored in a temporary area (sandbox) and not written on the hard disk of your PC and they are deleted as soon as you decide to quit them. You can legally use Sandboxie free of charge for any length of time that you desire but, after 30 days, the software will occasionally remind you to consider paying the 30 USD registration fee. Last but not least, Sandboxie is simple to install and after not more than one hour you will be able to use it in a complete way. Very useful! AddThis mp3 link