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Set Aero Glass Effect in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu you can set nearly the same aero glass effect to window borders with alpha transparency as available in Windows 7:

– press Alt+F2 to bring up “Run Application” window.
– type gconf-editor into the box, click “Run” to bring up Configuration Editor.
– browse to apps > gwd, look for “metacity_theme_active_opacity” on the right panel.
– change the value in “metacity_theme_active_opacity” from 1 to 0.75 (or smaller such as 0.5 for more transparency).
Then go to System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager:
– select “Effects” from the left panel.
– tick “Blur Windows” and click the “Close” button. (Note: default values in Blur Windows can be applied.)
Note: If the aero glass effect doesn’t work, check if you have updated your display driver. To check, go to System > Administration > Additional Drivers, activate the recommended graphics driver and restart the system. AddThis mp3 link