Portable freewares

Many (All, I could say) freewares I am talking about in this pages are ready to be used directly on a removable memory. Today the 70-80% of freewares can be used without the installation on the personal computer. In this way it’s possible to have a selection of freewares (or, if you want, paid softwares) with your own personal settings directly on a USB (or removable HD, micro vault key, etc..) and bring it with you everywhere.
Before using new freewares, I suggest to scan them using an antivirus (e.g. Avast Home Edition– freeware) and a good antispyware (e.g. a-squared, freeware, is very effective). For people who don’t want to take any risks, I also suggest to scan the freewares using an online antimalware detector (e.g. personally, I use the free scanner by Panda software).
Just to sum up the brief notes I wrote during the last month I would like to remind you to visit the freeware page where you will find some personal review about Essential PIM, Pricelesswarehome, Foxit Reader, OpenOffice, The Open CD, PDF Creator, Juice.
For comments, suggestions or to criticize what I say, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in the freeware section.