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Strategic market analysis through Twitter – Know your competitors’ strategy and fight them!

Your competitors are on Twitter and they are very active. Good to know but is their strategy really effective? Difficult to know because normally you have not enough time to constantly monitor more than a couple of them. A good market analysis strategy is to read their posts in a certain period of time but Twitter doesn’t keep this easy because you have to spend hours to expand their tweets before have a good view of what information your competitors wrote. Moreover, Twitter allows you to view only the last 3,200 tweets. For this reason I normally use Twitter XL. This online free service allows you to catch and save the last 3,200 tweets just inserting the Twitter name and click on Get Tweets. After a bunch of seconds (or, more often, some minutes) you will have a complete list including the last 3,200 tweets  (retweets included) and you can export them in a CSV format. This file can be imported in a spreadsheet (e.g. OpenOffice) and clearly visualized. If you really know what you are looking for, you have a terrific picture about timing, source, contents and trends of the competitor you are monitoring. Not only you can discover when and about what your competitor is more active but you will also know if he/she is using some particular online service to tweet. This data mining tool is recommended for business or just for fun if you are a meddler. AddThis mp3 link

How to add a text/word watermark on OpenOffice Word Processor and Microsoft Word

Just a quick reminder to add a text/word watermark in OpenOffice Word Processor or Microsoft Word:

In OpenOffice Word Processor

a- Create an image using GIMP

– insert a Text field

– choose your favourite font, size, colour (25-30% grey is suggested)

– use the “Rotate Tool” to rotate your text to 45.00 degrees

– save the file in a light graphic format (e.g .gif)

b- Create the watermark

– open OpenOffice Word

– go to Insert —> Picture —> From File and select your graphic file

– click on the image using the mouse’ right button and select Wrap —> In Background

– Done!

In Microsoft Word

– Go to Format

– Select Background and choose Printed watermark

– Click on Text Watermark

– Type “Your Text Here”

– Select Diagonal and then click OK

AddThis mp3 link

Three interesting extensions to enjoy a real Web 2.0 experience with OpenOffice 3.0

After more or less a month from its release, the new OpenOffice 3.0 is receiving tons of positive comments. Anyway, this week, in our Freeware page, we have posted some brief notes abut three different extensions which are able to improve your effectivenss in office routines. First of all we have ooo2gd a simple menu bar which allows you to directly upload or download all kind of documents from Google Documents and Zoho. The second one is the Sun PDF Import Extension which has been created to allow minimal but useful changes to PDF documents. After few minutes we were able to make some interesting changes to a complex PDF documents with just a couple of clicks and export the result “into a hybrid PDF file, which is a PDF with the embedded source file asODF “. Last but not least we tested Sun Presentation Minimizer: an effective extensions which cuts the size of presentations reducing, for example, the image sizes. Using Sun Presentation Minimizer you will be able to simply and freely decide what kind of changes you want to make to your multimedia files contained in the presentations. To conclude it is necessary to focus your attention on the feature that also allows Sun Presentation Minimizer to work on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.  In few words we think that these extensions are guaranteed to be 100% satisfactory!! AddThis mp3 link

Multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) portable PDF creator.

Today it is possible to create free pdf documents without paying hundreds of dollars in licenses.

The solution is OpenOffice.

Moreover, it is also possible to have a portable pdf creator with you. This freeware is “ Portable”, the portable version of the famous text editor developed by the open community and Sun Microsystem.
In the freeware section we posted a review about this particular feature of OpenOffice. AddThis

New Linux page!

Thank you all for your comments.
A special “thank you” to Francesco who is now sharing this blog experience with me.
As you noticed, we decided to open a new linux page (in Spanish) posted by Frank (Francesco) and we moved his comments (about linux LIVE CDs and new linux mobile-PDA software) in the linux page.
I hope that you will appreciate this new page and the related posts.
Again thank you to you all!

Portable freewares

Many (All, I could say) freewares I am talking about in this pages are ready to be used directly on a removable memory. Today the 70-80% of freewares can be used without the installation on the personal computer. In this way it’s possible to have a selection of freewares (or, if you want, paid softwares) with your own personal settings directly on a USB (or removable HD, micro vault key, etc..) and bring it with you everywhere.
Before using new freewares, I suggest to scan them using an antivirus (e.g. Avast Home Edition– freeware) and a good antispyware (e.g. a-squared, freeware, is very effective). For people who don’t want to take any risks, I also suggest to scan the freewares using an online antimalware detector (e.g. personally, I use the free scanner by Panda software).
Just to sum up the brief notes I wrote during the last month I would like to remind you to visit the freeware page where you will find some personal review about Essential PIM, Pricelesswarehome, Foxit Reader, OpenOffice, The Open CD, PDF Creator, Juice.
For comments, suggestions or to criticize what I say, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in the freeware section.

Computer borders – Freeware and more!

Hi everyone. This blog will be updated every week and, I hope, will be an open place where sharing useful information about new freewares and new ways of using common softwares.

I hope you will be patient for my English.

Please, don’t hesitate to write in Spanish or Italian if you prefer.

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