Hoversnap: perhaps the best portable freeware for professional snapshot tool.

HoversnapHi you all and sorry for a so long silence. Today, in our freeware page we posted a review about Hoversnap, a portable terrific snapshot tool for Windows. This freeware is very light – just 395 Kb- but very powerful! Try it and you will be delighted by this freeware!
We promised you a special gift for the Christmas period and we really are almost ready (sorry for the delay, I think we will be ready in more or less 10 days..). The gift is a collection of portable software which can be used on a 1 GB USB pen. This collection (for Windows) is thought to be very useful and simple to use, you have to just download it and copy on your USB key. See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Hoversnap: perhaps the best portable freeware for professional snapshot tool.

  1. Anonymous

    Make sure you don’t just open the zipped file, extract the files from the zipped folder first, then double click on the Hoversnap application and it should work.


  2. Ruraltexan

    I installed Hoversnap on Vista Ultimate. When I try to take a snapshot of an open area, I get the message “Impossible de creer le fichier”. Which I gather means it cannot create the file. After I check OK on the error message, I have to close Hoversnap then reopen it to try again. Looks like this program is not compatible with Vista.



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