Stixy: a collaborative online application to easily share ideas and more..

StixyIn many collaborative projects it is often necessary to share ideas, images, documents, ect.. but, as everyone could testify: ideas fastly flight away; it is not easy to remember video and photographs and so on… In a traditional office a common board could effectively help to coordinate trends and share photos but when working in internet it is high the possibility that many of this stuff will be lost before next meeting with colleagues. Moreover, now it is possible to use Stixy, a simple intuitive but powerful online application which allows you to display and share all you want (notes, photos, documents, to-do lists and also music) on the web. We tried Stixy (better its Beta version) and we enjoyed it a lot: clean, easy to share and positively influenced the mood in our team. For some more information you can read a brief review in our Freeware Page. Something to try! AddThis mp3 link

2 thoughts on “Stixy: a collaborative online application to easily share ideas and more..

  1. jointcontact

    Hi there;

    Thanks for the posting. Your application looks interesting and I especially like the reasoning behind the platform and system’s architecture.

    Our group runs an online project collaboration solution at Feel free to also review our blog site, examples an online demo of our system. If would like to learn more, or are interested in a possible partnership feel free to contact us.


  2. galigio Post author

    Hi everybody!
    Just one warning: do not use Ctrl-C or Ctrl-V (or similar commands) in Stixy because it is not able to manage them and the only possible result is the lost of your data!
    I am sorry for not discovering this problem before!



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