gOSIn our personal opinion gOS could be the -OS + hardware solution- for everyone. In fact we do not think useful to distinguish tech developed countries for the personal income of their citizens. Everyday we do meet many people with big problems in using pcs and internet also in the most developed countries so why do not spread new technologies using a simplified (we mean simpler to use, not a less featured Linux) OS which can run using cheap hardware? gOS could be one of the possible solution. This week in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a detailed review about this new (not so new because it has been built on Ubuntu) OS and we also give some technical information about transforming your Ubuntu in gOS (Beware! We were not able to downgrade to Ubuntu so, if you are not an expert, consider as definitive your Ubuntu changes to gOS!!) gOS is clean, easily (and immediately) usable OS with many intuitive icons which simplify the way of using your pc. gOS integrates many Google online services as Mail, Docs, Calendar, Maps, Docs, Products, News and other Web 2.0 websites as Meebo, YouTube, Blogger, Wikipedia, etc.. In few words this OS hasn’t any new “revolutionary” feature but uses -at their best- many Web 2.0 websites. Highly recommended (and not only to the youngest and the elders)! AddThis mp3 link

4 thoughts on “gOS

  1. R. Stallman

    ehm… leggete bene sul sito della distribuzione.
    Non viene permesso l’uso per fini commerciali.
    Ma come !?!?!?!?!? è linux ed per giunta derivata da Ubuntu.
    gOS viola la GPL :Deve essere rilasciata con licenza GPL e *non* CC !

    gOS violates GPL license !
    gOS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
    But has to be relaeased under GPL


  2. ethana2

    Screw the letter of the law, just keep with the spirit. As long as you don’t anger Linus, the probability of something really bad happening there is kind of slim.


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