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Nuclear Music Player for Multi Source Music Streaming in Linux by https://is.gd/GBUMnn

Brief: We’ll have a look at Nuclear, one of the lesser known music players in Linux. It lets you stream music from a number of sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud etc. Although I do maintain a collection of good old mp3 files on my PC, I don’t disagree with the advantages of streaming music.

from https://is.gd/GBUMnn

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How the ‘Facebook of music’ is using big data to find the next pop star by https://is.gd/i5N9le

“Artists tell us everything about themselves. It’s the Facebook of music,” Perry said. “They aggregate their social media with us. More [concert] show listings for emerging artists are posted with us than any other single site in the world.

Online music hub ReverbNation was founded in 2006 as a social networking and career-building tool for up-and-coming artists. Since then, the company has had a continued track record of success in bringing new talent to the fore in popular music.

from https://is.gd/i5N9le

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“We’ve come to expect that virtually all of our problems can be solved with code, so much so that we summon it unthinkingly before doing almost anything: from choosing what movie to watch, to finding a doctor, to deciding where to wake up the next morning and who with. But what if music is somehow different?”

Inside The Playlist Factory by  via buzzfeedlogo

Pandora for “dummies”…. when you are outside the USA… – Firefox, Chrome and Opera add-on –

The last time I wrote a post about connecting to Pandora  when you are outside the USA was just (sic) three years ago. Meanwhile a lot of things changed and Anonymox, the Firefox add-on and proxy service I suggested in 2012, it is not free now.

It happens but when my nephew asked me something similar and really intuitive to connect to Pandora I was in trouble… more in trouble than I could imagine…. In fact when I started to search something alternative, I found a lot of very good proxy add-ons for Firefox. It was a pleasure to discover some of them because they are technically well done and offer a lot of flexible features for privacy purpose. But this is not the topic of my post… for today.

After many unlucky trials, where I tested different add-ons that were not able to guarantee a minimal rate of usable connection,  I found ProxMate .

ProxMate is an open-source, SSL proxy manager for real dummies. As Firefox add-on you can install it on your browser in just few clicks and then you practically don’t need to configure anything. The only requested thing after installation is to decide the websites and services you want to connect through ProxMate. The internet connection has a good speed rate and the music flows as silk through your Pandora account.

You can install ProxMate searching it through the add-on panel you find in Firefox or you can decide to directly open the link from the  ProxMate website. After the installation ( no restart required) you have to find the “shark fin” icon into your Firefox bar. If you don’t find it immediately, you have to manage your icons and manually personalize the bar.

Then, click on ProxMate “my button” icon and select: “Install New Packages”. You are redirect to the ProxMate website where you can select Pandora or others interesting websites (e.g. Netflix, iHeart Radio, etc..) with specific IP restriction policies. 

Now, you select your desired website/service and follow the instructions (click selection) that will appear on the screen to complete the installation.

Last but not least, don’t forget to click again on the ProxMate icon and enable the proxy service.

As usual, I recommend to NOT forget to disable  ProxMate (as every other proxy server) when you don’t need to use it.

Oops, I forgot to say that ProxMate is free of charge……. Enjoy it!!





GrooveDown vs. GrooveOff: my personal experience using Grooveshark

Grooveshark is an online music service, very well-known and common especially in Europe. The quality of its mp3, offered just for listening is higher than what you find on YouTube and some programs were developed to allow listeners to search and listen songs without visiting the Grooveshark website.  Some of these software let you save sample of songs for a later listening but this habit doesn’t complain with the copyright laws in many countries so we discourage this kind of practice.

Today we would like to just endorse the ability of a single developer (www.caleta.fm) who was able to modify one of these programs, GrooveDown, and adapt it to the new website requisites.

This developer, using wireshark, was able to identify the misconfiguration between GrooveDown and the Grooveshark’s server and to positively update the data (client version and password) exchanged.

More in general I think that GrooveDown is the best client to listen to Grooveshark also because it is more powerful, fast and easy to use than its competitors. In particular, during some tests I did, I was positively impressed by the results I obtained using GrooveDown because I received better and more complete search results than using, for example, GrooveOff which is too a good software but, for my personal experience, gave back less impressive results.

Last but not least I want to underline that the caleta.fm development of GrooveDown is really stable and it was developed in two different versions just to be used with Java6 or Java7 platform. Recommended!

How to: Use Google Music for Android by CNET


Google Music con Aplicación también para Linux

Desde hace unos meses Google ya ofrece el servicio Musica por streaming y de poder tener hasta 20.000 canciones almacenada en ” las nubes “; todavía este servicio no está disponible en España y Europa pero es igualmente posible conseguir una invitación.

Ante de todo hay que tener una cuenta de Gmail o crearse una. Luego dirigirse a la pagina de proxy.org para elegir un proxy de USA. Después de elegir el proxy hay que pegar la dirección que permite pedir la invitación a nombre de vuestra cuenta de Gmail y ya esperar que llegue la invitación por parte de Google, yo ya recibí la invitación y ya tengo mi Google Music activado.

Es un servicio muy interesante y funciona muy muy bien, aparte de los Artistas y las Canciones que nos Ofrece Google de forma gratuitas también podemos administrar nuestra música, la que tengamos en nuestro PC y subirla a nuestro Google Music gracias a una Aplicación especifica para Linux ( .deb, rpm, 32/64 bit ), así que ya no hay que instalar la versión para Windows y lanzarla con Wine. También está disponible una Aplicación para Android para que podamos escuchar en Streaming y administrar nuestra música sin tener que llenar la memoria de nuestro Smartphone.

Me parece un excelente servicio por parte de Google, funciona muy bien y sin coste alguno. Os dejo unos enlaces para que podáis pedir la invitación (yo tengo 8 disponibles, si alguien quiere inviar su correo yo puedo enviarle una invitación) y también otros para poder bajar la Aplicación para Android.

Proxy.org: http://proxy.org/

URL Invitación: http://music.google.com/music/usernotinvited.

Aplicación para Android: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.google.android.music


How to listen online, legally free, music: Pandora.com

Today, in our Freeware Page we posted a review about Pandora.com: an online free website which offers free music listening based on your preferences. Once on Pandora.com you can decide to try it or to register for free (just an email and a new Pandora password are required). After this you can start creating new radio stations based on your favorite artists. In just few clicks, you can even listen your Pandora stations directly on your Blackberry, iPhone, PalmPre or Windows Mobile device. Using the QuickMix feature you can melt different stations in just an unique selection to share (if you want) with your friends. Pandora is legal and free but sometimes (not very often for my experience) some commercial ads are broadcasted. Anyway, in a couple of hours I was able to refine my new station options & variety and till now I am really satisfied by this service. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link

How to create a terrific slideshow in just three steps using Animoto.

This week, in our Freeware Page, we have posted some brief comments about the free part of services offered by Animoto, a Web 2.0 website which allows you to create short free multimedia slideshows. Using Animoto, it is possible to make a 30 seconds video clip which directly melts your images/photographs with a soundtrack you can freely select in their data bank. The link of the video will be sent directly to your email and to all your friends if you prefer. Obviously, a paid subscription allows you to obtain longer videos with HD quality but, after some tests, we were actually satisfied from the Animoto slideshow we had obtained without paying anything. It is a pity we had so many problems when we decided to use Linux OSs to test Animoto… Something to try if you like to show some photos on your website (especially if you have a dark background). AddThis mp3 link

Mixturtle: an interesting online mp3 searcher

Today, in our Linux Page (in Spanish), we have added a brief review about MixTurtle an on-line music portal we have recently discovered surfing the web. MixTurtle is very easy to use: you have only to type your favourite artists (or songs) in the search tab and in less than a second it will bring interesting results to you. During our tests we were also able to find some “rare” (for our experience) mp3 files. Moreover, with a simple registration (email, username and password) you will 100% enjoy all the feature offered by MixTurtle.  In fact, after the registration you can “virtually” capture all the music files you want linking them to your account. in this way, when you prefer you can listen to your favourite music with just few clicks. Something to try! AddThis mp3 link