LightScribe: an interesting (and not too expensive) technology to personalize our CDs/DVDs.

Usually, we prefer not to insert posts about software or hardware which is not free but this week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish), we have decided to make an occasional exception talking about LightScribe: the technology which allows you to print laser-etched labels on your CDs/DVDs. We are pretty sure that all you already know this technology and the fact that LightScribe is a mix of hardware and label-making software to burn labels. When we decided to test the LightScribe system we were manly attracted by the low costs and the versatility of what we were able to make but after a couple of days we change a little our point of view. This technology is really interesting, relatively cheap and easy to use but we think that it only could be profitably used by those people who need to make some professional copies of their CDs/DVDs. For all the other people, like us, it can be considered as a toy or an extra gadget to buy for our spare time backup copies of DVDs but not much more than this. Something for your spare time or to use for your hobbies! AddThis mp3 link

1 thought on “LightScribe: an interesting (and not too expensive) technology to personalize our CDs/DVDs.

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