Remote Control your Ubuntu

Managing  the Remote Desktop on Ubuntu is quite easy.  You can allow users to access your desktop with VNC Viewer utility that is included in Ubuntu pack and can be downloaded for free also in Windows PCs. The Remote Desktop feature is very useful but follow, at least, one important safety tip: when your desktop remote control is enabled, the only defense against attacks is your firewall and it must be properly installed and configured correctly. In any case, do not forget that Remote Desktop still represents a first level security risk.

To tune up the Remote Desktop just follow these simple steps:

– go to System > Preference > Remote Desktop on the Gnome top menu:

– check the first two check boxes for remote to be enabled.

– if you want to connect your PC through the web and a  “Your desktop is only reachable over the local network” notice appears, please do not forget to forward Port 5900 to the IP you see a line below in the menu

– in the Security section, when selecting the “You must confirm each access to this machine” check box, you will be needed to be at the computer to allow the other person to access your desktop. If you are trying to remote access one of your own computer, you would want to uncheck this box

– do not forget that the password check box should always be checked and you should enter a real secure password You will be prompted for this password when you try to log on

– for a better safety be sure that an icon will be displayed on the Ubuntu upper bar when someone is connected

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