Precious Web reference to configure Ubuntu and mount Pogoplug as “local”disk

It’s a pity that Pogoplug dismissed its official application for Linux some years ago. It was really useful and easy to install. But, as usual, Linux geeks discovered how to solve the matter and mount Pogoplug drives as “local” disks on Linux. I already wrote about this topic in a previous post in 2012.

But recently, after I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS,  I had some problems with Pogoplug and I realized that the way I previously adopted was not able to mount Pogoplug as local disk. I searched on Internet and I found a good post  that is really self explicative about this topic. With a bunch of minutes I was able to connect again Pogoplug to my computer as local disk and, after some tests, I must say that the solution described by Linerd its really effective and stable. 

Good work Linerd!


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