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Automatix, gThumb and Linux tips for beginners!

This is our Linux week! In the Linux page you find some useful and very detailed tips for Linux beginners. In particular you will find two different posts about Automatix and how to install it in Kubuntu. Thank you for your comments and a special “Thank you!” (with a specific post) to Donncha who suggested us to try gThumb, a very good image viewer for Linux. Thank you all again and… See you next week!

Multiplatform (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) software.

This week we invite you to visit our brief reviews about Xnview, and GIMPShop, two essential graphic freewares for professional or common users.
These softwares are freewares and multiplatform so they are ideal for the daily use (in your office or simply at home). In particular XnView is a graphic reader and converter which can be used directly from an USB Key (yes, it’s possible to have a portable, complete graphic reader always with you!).
Please, don’t forget our specific Linux page with two, very interesting, new reviews about Elisa (a project to create a powerful media center for Linux) and about the Kubuntu package manager (to easily install new programs).
Last but not least, our special thanks (and review) to Tyberius who suggested us his good Windows Alt-Tab replacement: SmartTab (freeware, of course).
See you soon!