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This tool, made by college students, will save you all that time you spend transcribing by


I’m taking notes. I’m going to figure out how to fix all of these things. But, no. One thing that I’ve always hated the most is when I’m like, I’m going to be so accurate, I’m going to use a recorder this time and get everything perfect. And then I’ve got to sit there and transcribe it.

It’s such a waste of time because you don’t even use most of the interview, right? So two guys from Dublin City University actually reached out to me a week ago and shared a tool they made for automatic transcription. It’s called Scribe.


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Speech Recognition Engines fo Linux: Perlbox and CMUSphinx

PerlboxToday, in the Linux page you find a post about two different speech recognition programs: Perlbox and CMUSphinx. We think that these voice enabled applications could be useful if you want to fast the way you use your desktop. We tested them in English and the results were pretty good. We suggest you to try them even if you haven’t any specific needs to use them. At least, you will spend some interesting hours testing the softwares our sons will use in next generation computers.