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How to build your own AI system with Google and Raspberry Pi by


Imagine a future when you can tell your coffee machine to make coffee with the sound of your voice or tell the lights to switch on in any room of your house just by talking.

That kind of automation once required hundreds of dollars of investment in new gear, but Google is bringing that future to everyone.

The recent release of the tech company’s first open source hardware project is opening doors for ‘makers’ the world over looking to create their own voice assistants, just like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Google’s Voice Kit comprises a natural language recognizer powered by a Raspberry Pi that can be paired with the Google Assistant to create your own personal Amazon Echo, all in the size of a small cube.


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Speech Recognition Engines fo Linux: Perlbox and CMUSphinx

PerlboxToday, in the Linux page you find a post about two different speech recognition programs: Perlbox and CMUSphinx. We think that these voice enabled applications could be useful if you want to fast the way you use your desktop. We tested them in English and the results were pretty good. We suggest you to try them even if you haven’t any specific needs to use them. At least, you will spend some interesting hours testing the softwares our sons will use in next generation computers.