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Narro Reading of The best things on the internet don’t make any money

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But it’s a feature, not a bug.

Narro Reading of Public Knowledge Welcomes New Cybersecurity Paper On Protecting Consumer Privacy

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Public Knowledge
Consumer Privacy , consumer protections , Cybersecurity
Today, the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) Standards Org…

Narro Reading of Linux Laptop: Buying New vs. Used Laptop

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Both new and used Linux laptops have their virtues. Which laptop is best for you?

Narro Reading of Cybersecurity concerns may stop 59 million Americans from voting in 2018

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The non-stop news pounding American voters surrounding cybersecurity and the United States electoral system is having a major impact with 45 percent believing the upcoming midterm election will be influenced by a cyberattack.

Narro Reading of 60 Countries’ Digital Competitiveness, Indexed

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Where momentum is picking up, and where it’s stalling out.

Narro Reading of Google sets up ‘Gradient’ fund to invest in early-stage AI startups

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UPDATED 21:48 EST . 11 JULY 2017
Google Inc. has launched a new investment fund to invest in artificial-intelligence startups.
Called Gradient, the ne…

Narro Reading of How Nvidia’s ‘brains’ are dominating the self-driving race

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The Santa Clara-based chip company, best known for its video gaming processors, has quickly transformed into one of the leading companies driving the autonomous vehicle industry.

Narro Reading of A Remote Chinese Province Uses Its Climate To Grow A Big-Data Industry

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Southwest China’s Guizhou province is one of the country’s poorest, most remote regions. But Guizhou has some unique advantages, which it is trying to use to transform itself into a big-data hub.

Narro Reading of AI will help us download meeting notes to our brains by 2030

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The internet is overflowing with tips on how to hack your health. From increasing cognitive function by drinking butter-spiked coffee to tracking sleep, stress, and activity levels with increasingly sophisticated fitness wearables, ours is a culture obsessed with optimizing performance. Combining this ethos with recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, it’s practically inevitable that the next frontier in achieving superhuman status lies in the rapidly developing field of brain augmentation.

Narro Reading of Android’s problems with malicious apps continues

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Google scans every app on the Play Store for malicious content, yet some manage to slip through