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Narro Reading of Bitcoin price will reach £3,000 this year

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Bitcoin price will reach £3,000 this year
“What leads you to believe that Bitcoin will top £3K in 2017?” The answer does not lie in an analysis …

Narro Reading of Conversations with Technology Leaders

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The Soft Side of Software
Conversations with Technology Leaders: Erik Meijer
Great engineers are able to maximize their mental power.
Kate Matsudaira

Narro Reading of AI everywhere

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Nvidia’s Jensen Huang is one of those rare CEOs who has, for a remarkably long and storied period, been at the helm of a company he helped create. What began..

Narro Reading of Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and Action

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Conference held February 17–18, 2017 Organized by Matthew Baum, David Lazer, and Nicco Mele Sponsored by         Final report written by David Lazer †‡, Matthew Baum ‡, Nir Grinberg †‡, Lisa Friedland †‡, Kenneth Joseph†‡, Will Hobbs…

Narro Reading of Why the Largest Companies in the World Count on Linux Servers

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Linux started its life in the data center as a cheaper alternative to UNIX. At the time, UNIX operating systems ruled the industry and for good reason. They were performant, fault tolerant and extremely stable. They also were very expensive and ran on very proprietary hardware.

Raspberry Pi: Top 22 projects to try yourself by https://is.gd/dHgCVV

Raspberry Pi has floored the tech community yet again, with the launch of the Raspberry Pi Zero. With similar specs to the Raspberry Pi B+, the latest iteration of the hobby computing line will allow users to make their microcomputing projects even more micro without sacrificing performance.

from https://is.gd/dHgCVV

Selected by Galigio via Computer Borders

Narro Reading of The KIND Foundation Wants to Pop Your Facebook Filter Bubble

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Only 5% of us see social media posts that differ from our world view. See how you can use The KIND Foundation’s social experiment to pop your filter bubble.