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Narro Reading of Researchers find that Twitter bots can be used for good

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According to Emilio Ferrara, a USC Information Sciences Institute researcher, not all Twitter bots are born bad. He should know. Ferrara created a..

Narro Reading of Bing now shows fact checks in search results

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Following Google’s lead earlier this year, Bing has added fact checking tags to search results.
A fact check label might now appear below results from Snopes, PolitFact, and other fact checking…

Narro Reading of 7 Ways To Make Android Phones Elder Friendly, As Our Grandparents Need To Enjoy Technology Too!

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Here’s how you can make smartphone easy for the elderly.

Narro Reading of How universities are dealing with hackers

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Welcome back to school! Don’t miss orientation, and watch out for hackers.

Narro Reading of A physicist on why AI safety is ‘the most important conversation of our time’

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Should we be worried about the dangerous potential of artificial intelligence?
Sort of, says Max Tegmark, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tegmark is a co-founder of the F…

Narro Reading of Google finally admits you don’t need special hardware for augmented reality

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In 2014 Google said it was going to revolutionize the way we use smartphones through augmented reality. With AR, developers who built apps that worked on Android phones could drop virtual objects alongside real ones through the phone’s camera. These fictional objects would look like they existed in real life, dramatically changing the experience of…

Narro Reading of Is Sci-Fi the Next Big Chinese Cultural Export After Kung Fu?

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Award-winning writer and translator Ken Liu talks about why Obama, Zuckerberg are fans of futuristic stories coming out of China