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CD Burning Applications for Ubuntu

There are not many applications for recording optical media under Linux. On the other hand, applications for Windows that allows a user to write a CD or DVD are numerous, but the most important difference is that those available on Linux are free and / or open source, with some exceptions. But all have basically the same purpose – to write or copy a disk.

In the world of Linux, the most common applications for burning optical media are usually pre-installed with the operating system chosen by the user. If not, they can be downloaded and installed easily on almost any platform.

Here are some of the most common such programs for Ubuntu:

Applications for Gnome / GTK


Brasero is one of the most popular tools in the world of burning CDs. It usually comes pre-installed in most distributions that use Gnome. Brasero provides the user with a very friendly and simple interface while keeping all the important features needed by a user. Brasero is an application that requires minimal resources, providing maximum functionality, all integrated in one intuitive interface.


GnomeBaker is another GTK application with the same functionality as Brasero, but with a different interface. GnomeBaker gives the user an interface similar to Nero and K3B. The difference in use depends on the visual tastes.


X-CD-Roast is an application to burn discs with its basic functions, but comes with a relatively primitive interface. Many users might find its interface as hard to use.

KDE Applications


K3B is probably one of the most popular programs available in the Linux world. It has many advanced features and options that would satisfy most users of such a program. It is available for both KDE and Gnome. Generally, K3B is regarded as the Nero of Linux.

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CDBurnerXP: how to burn your CD/DVD/HD-DVD or Blu-Ray just using a freeware!

CDBurnerXPThis week, in our Freeware Page, we have posted a review about CDBurnerXP which, in our opinion is the best freeware in its category and contains more effective features than some -commercial- competitors. CDBurnerXP is a powerful freeware which allows you to burn CD, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray in a very intuitive mode and faster than using other proprietary software as, for example, Roxio CD Creator. During our tests CDBurnerXP was very stable and easy to use. Using CDBurnerXP we were able to create backup copies of our DVDs in just few minutes. Another interesting features is the possibility to burn or create ISO and to convert bin/nrg formats to a more usable ISO version. Last but not least CDBurnerXP works on Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server and Vista. Highly recommended!!! AddThis mp3 link