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Kernel Development Using the Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE is an open source platform useful to build an extensible development and develop application frameworks to build, deploy and manage through the complete SDLC of the software. Features wise Eclipse IDE is much more advanced than the conventional Java development Environment. As a first step you have to download Eclipse CDT from:


Use the following command to extract the tar:

$ tar xzvf eclipse-cpp-ganymede-SR2-linux-gtk,tar.gz

As the next step you have to change your directory in terminal window into the extracted folder and then start Eclipse as given below :

# cd eclipse

$ ./eclipse

Let us consider building a “C“ application using Eclipse IDE. Use the following command sequence to accomplish the first step :

Select File – New – C Project.

Assign the project a name and identify the location (it is advisable to retain the location field as the default value. Most important mention “Executable” under the Project type. Click “Next” followed by “Finish” to complete this step. Specify the Yes for “C/C++” perspective or not. Locate the Project explorer Select build project in Project Explorer with options like Console, Tasks and Problems. Next you have to compile this project using Eclipse IDE.

Let us now get down to the task at hand – Kernel compilation. Download a kernel tar file from the website – www.kernel.org.

The commands look like this :

$mv linux-2.6.34.tar.bz2 /usr /src.

Then the file has to be extracted into the respective folder through the following command :

$ tar -jxvf linux-2.6.34.tar.bz2

$cd linux-2.6.34

Configuration can be set as follows :

$ make menuconfig

Further steps in the process to compile a kernel using Eclipse IDE are fairly simple. Take care to disable the “Automatic building and indexing” to save time. This is accomplished as follows :

Window – Preference – General – C/C++ – Indexer. You have to select “No Indexer” Next give the following command – File – New – C Project. After assigning a name to the project undo checking of “Use default location” and browse to your kernel source code directory.

Project type – Makefile project – Empty Project. To cross-compile the kernel, use existing tool from “Toolchain”. Click on Finish to complete this beginning step. Give the following commands to complete the task :

Make all

CHK include/linux/version.h

CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h

CHK scripts/checksyscalls.sh

CHK include/generated/compile.h

On waiting for a few minutes the compilation is completed. To check that the kernel image file is created successfully type the following commands :

$ ls –l /usr/src/linux-2.6.34/arch/x86/boot/bzimage

–rw-r—r—1 manoj sc 3589920 2010-11-30 12:51 /usr/src/


Option readers and internet users will certainly admit that developing kernel using Eclipse ID is one of the simplest things anyone can do. However, to realize the true potential of the eclipse, You can gradually scale up the nature of projects to more complex projects to realize the full potential of eclipse IDE. A step-by-step approach would be wise in this regard. AddThis mp3 link

Open Source tools and applications for web developers

Several open source tools have evolved in the past and have become popular with the developers too.  These tools have gained popularity not only because they come free but because of the ease to work with and the features.  First let us see some code editors:

Aptana:  It is a free, JavaScript focused development environment, cross-platform and open source for building Ajax applications.  It supports HTML, JavaScript, CSS languages, FTP/SFTP and has a powerful JavaScript debugger that can help in troubleshooting your code.

Eclipse :  It is an open source software framework written mainly in Java.  It is an integrated development environment consisting Java development toolkit (JDK) and compiler (ECJ) for developing applications in Java.  Developers can extend its capabilities by installing plug-ins such as development toolkits for other programming languages written specifically for eclipse software framework.  Language packs for over a dozen languages are available.

JEdit : It is a programmer’s text editor which has many hundreds of man-hours of development behind it. It is a java-based solution  and a cross-platform product  which can work on many operating systems like Windows, VMS, UNIX,  OX/2 and Mac OS X.

NVU : It is a web authoring system for Linux desktop users, Macintosh users as well as for Microsoft windows and  is a competitor for similar products like Dreamweaver and Frontpage.  Nvu actually means new view and makes managing a website very easy.  Now even people without knowledge of HTML or technical expertise can create web pages and manage a website.

Quanta Plus : It is a web development environment with a lot of features and is highly stable.   Quanta has a vision of achieving maximal user extensibility through the best architectural foundations, best, efficient design and natural use of code.

We shall see other tools in other posts. AddThis mp3 link

Open Source Living and Iconlet: two multiplatform open source “mines”!

Open Source LivingToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a brief review about two interesting websites: OpenSourceLiving.com and Iconlet.com. In particular, OpenSourceLiving contains a library of 130 multiplatform (Windows, Linux, OS X) open source software. The main menu is very intuitive and all the different sections are very simple to explore. Moreover you have the possibility to suggest open source projects which are not included in the website yet. On the otherIconlet hand, Iconlet is a search engine dedicated to icons released under the Gnu, Creative or Eclipse licenses. The “advanced search” option allows you to organize your search preselecting the image resolution, the graphic format and the license. This particular website also offers a useful plug-in for a Iconlet dedicated search field in Firefox. Last but not least, for each icon found, Iconlet provides full information about author, image resolution, graphics format and license type. AddThis mp3 link